Lux Aeterna Theatre

Speaking a Universal Language

Is there a

universal language?


Color, light characters, music sounds, combined in an artistic context.

Lux Aeterna Theatre: without borders.


Truly Avan-Garde

We are creating art of the future today, generating a new & unique artistic product.


Lux Aeterna Theatre has been in operation as an independent artistic entity since 1982 remaining so far a unique theatre of such a genre.

The dome of planetarium, a rear-screen, a panorama-screen, an opera backdrop, a multiplex cinema screen acts as a stage for the theatre.

The theatre unfailingly keeps to its fundamental rule – Artistic Sound and Artistic Light make up an ideal material for the creation of an integral work of art – and intends to do so in future. Its creed lies in the following: opening up a new world of feelings. These feelings can hardly, if at all, be evoked by any other means of arts known today.

By the way, its performances demonstrate beneficial effects as well as they enable visitors to plunge into special colour and sound surroundings or roll over colour and sound waves.

Out of limits

Science, latter-day Technology & Art  FUSION


WEIGHTLESSNESS: Life on Earth in a Space Void of Gravitation

There is no perceiving Lux Aeterna Theatre mentally.
Even psychoanalysis as well as various systems, developed from time to time by theatre reformers, fail to achieve it. If anything one runs the risk trying to perceive Lux Aeterna Theatre. Things taking place here should be …experienced. It is akin to a state of amorousness – light and airy. To a union with diamonds of stars. You are simply sitting at the summit of a high mountain. With your eyes closed. Clouds are floating by below and above you. …You let go of your feelings, allowing them to find freedom, making no attempt to restrain them within the boundaries of the material. Set free, these feelings can see and hear unassisted by any complementary organs – eyes or ears. They register and experience the world through the most exquisite tangle of sensations. It is for these reasons that they dispense with mummers, theatres with footlight and distracting attention scenery. Light and Sound Waves flood the space unhindered with their non-recurrent tone-colours and vibrations.
…Only those things that are weightless by nature…

Lux Aeterna Theatre Productions for music, drama, opera stage, planetarium, movie, open-air shows, light-sound-laser installations, full-dome.